COVID 19 and AI integrated Thermal helmets:
UAE has come up with brilliant technology to identify people who are showing unusual body signs matching the Coronavirus symptoms. According to the ‘Dubai Corporation Ambulance services’, this smart helmet is linked to the ‘International Information network’ and contains a camera that can capture the person while the technology measures the body temperature. This smart helmet allows the medic to measure the temperature just by looking at the person, while the technology connects it to a smartphone to verify the records.
Taking this as an example DX business group is supporting and contributing a noble cause of gifting meals to people, who during these hard times are trying to survive. This ‘Need of the hour’ initiative aims at gifting a box of food containing 7 meals @ AED 49 to individuals so that at least one basic necessity can be met. Come, join us in this initiative and gift a box of meal to the needy, so that they can get food and you can experience the joy of ‘giving.
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