Good digital marketing makes the company look smart, Great digital marketing makes the customer feel smart

–   Anonymous

Doesn’t this almost sound too good to be true? Well, it can be true only if there wasn’t much-cut throating going out there to be the best. But we all know the truth; to be the conqueror, we as professionals have to do the avatar of ‘Pajama Purists’ and offer them the best because ‘hey! We know if it’s not us, it’s someone else’.

But when does digital marketing becomes a strategy? 

Before we can hand over the trophy of what good digital marketing is, let us understand the meaning of digital marketing strategy which supersedes the concept of digital marketing. Digital marketing strategy is all about planning and creating a niche presence for a company through various online marketing channels to improve visibility and reach a broader ratio of audience.

A digital marketing strategy can be regarded as a good strategy only if the channels created by those channels increase footfall, and opens new ideas for a company which ensures a dominant online presence.

This article focuses on the most effective digital marketing strategies opted by companies uniformly.


How to reinforce an effective digital marketing strategy:

  • With such cut-throat competition where 70% of the companies have a digital strategy in place, it becomes obvious, that to ensure effective digital marketing, a company has to be distinct with conspicuous digital strategies in place. Many digital marketing agencies to ensure an effective digital presence uses certain strategies that have proven to increase traffic and visibility. Some of the hacks that are used by digital marketing companies are-
  • Many companies restrain from putting a subject in the email, prompting the user to click on it just for curiosity sake
  • Companies also opt for repeat marketing by sending reminder emails to create familiarity as 60% of the people are willing to click on an advertisement based on familiarity.
  • One of the major steps to ensure effective digital marketing is SEO (Search engine optimization) & SEF (Search engine friend). Companies invest heavily on SEO trying to make their companies appear on the top three searches.
  • One major hack is creating exceptional content which pulls clients towards browsing more. Content is often accompanied by graphics and infographics giving it an interesting feel.
  • One major hack is the use of social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram where the focus is on followers and shares creating maximum impact.
  • The Digital marketing strategies are very flexible where it will not only influence the internet savvy people but also serves as a very strong word of mouth.


Why is a digital marketing strategy important?

We on an average spend at least 120- 150 minutes an average a day on the internet. At such, carving out a digital presence becomes integral and important. Digital marketing is also quick, flexible and reaches out to a fairly larger number of audiences as compared to normal marketing.

With technology making progress by leaps and bounds, if companies don’t want to opt for digital marketing their profit margin ratio will crash as people will rely on digital marketing more for credibility and better services.

Let’s take a look at some of the most effective digital marketing strategies that has brought success to many companies.


  • Inbound marketing: This kind of strategy acts as a win-win situation for both the company as well as clients. Inbound marketing is the technique of creating product-related content and promoting it in the digital mediums in the form of information, advertisements and pop-ups. Such strategies put the attention and increase visibility allowing clients to approach the companies rather than the companies vying for the business.


  • Content marketing: Content marketing basis SEO has gained very rapid momentum in the last few years with content and graphics doing all the talking for a product. They say, ‘words are powerful than a sword.’ Content marketing proves this as innovative content combined with graphics tens to attract a lot of attention by successfully communicating the product message.


  • Podcasts and vlogging: Podcasts and Vlogging have created its niche market in the minds of the customers having a very loyal fan following. Podcasts- a digital audio file that can be made over the internet along with video blogging content is slowly taking over text content. Such strategies are designed on the fact that the video retention capacity of a human brain is more than just text retention. Thus, podcasts and blogs tend to make a mark and influence a customer into conversion by being present in the minds of customers for a longer period.


  • Social media marketing:Almost as much as 60% of our time goes in being online, browsing all the social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many more. At such seeing a product in such a medium tends to attract more attention as compared to other channels.


  • SEO marketing or search engine optimization marketing:Google has become a much bigger and better entity as compared to our age-old encyclopaedias. Any query straight goes into the google search engine. At such making the content SEO specific will enable your products to appear high on the list in case of any related search. This not only gives credibility to your company and product but also showcases your product the first among many others influencing a customer’s purchasing power.



A successful example:

A very successful example of effective digital marketing strategy is Zappos, an online shoe commerce that has a stellar digital strategy in place pushing it towards fame. The reason is that, they have a 365- money back guarantee, and free shipping both sides, should their clients want to exchange or change any product. This they also advertise online continuously for a period of time resulting in a leap of sales and a loyal customer circle. As a result, the company shot to fame with its appealing digital strategies.

This is just one example of how digital marketing helps. The world is a very lucrative place today with thousands of ways to rise to fame because we have technology and brilliant marketing strategies with us.

Point is are we looking into the right direction?

Absence of digital marketing means the collapse of companies leading to the collapse of the economy. We have moved far beyond the limit where advertising meant selling and promoting extensively driving the potential customers away at some point. Thus, digital marketing has become one of the terrific mediums to establish a social presence and increase visibility and brand loyalty that is guaranteed to take a company a long way.


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