Ramadan, the holy month for the Muslims is the ninth month of the Muslim calendar and is observed Globally by fasting, prayer and harbouring communal harmony. This period of 30 days usually commemorates Muhammad’s first revelation and is considered as one of the pillars of Islam according to the Koran. This period of one month is calculated from the first sighting of a crescent moon till the next sighting of the crescent moon which varies between twenty-nine to thirty days.
But Ramadan 2020 will have a different look and feel altogether as this year there won’t be any celebration, nor family members coming and wishing together. This year UAE is preparing for a quiet Ramadan amidst themselves without the participation of others. The reason behind this grave change is the descendance of COVID19 which has caught the entire world in its nasty grip. Therefore, the authorities have set down a new set of norms that needs to be followed during this holy month so that the people can get a chance to spend Ramadan smoothly and also stay within the safe limits and restricts against COVID19.
• No get togethers going beyond 5 people
• Wearing masks is mandatory but gloves can be optional
• Metro timings will be restricted between 6 am to 7 pm
• Restaurant eating can be entertained only till 30% of the restaurant capacity
• Employees are allowed to work only 6 hours in a day
• Even in work sites only 30% of the work force is applied
• Only 3 members are allowed to be out at the same time
Nevertheless, let’s keep up the festive spirit this Ramadan and let’s pray to keep everyone safe, sound and happy despite being with family or not. After all, even though alone, at least they are safe in their own houses.

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