Keeping the glamour part of websites and mobiles where development takes just a blink to change, if we look into the core of these domains, then the futuristic lucrative future that these trends have are mind-blowing. The situation of post-COVID 19 wills e some huge changes, in the way businesses will function. At such, implementing some futuristic website trends will probably make you see the light of the day.

Website development has always captured the interests of developers and new nooks have been discovered to give a competitive edge to every new development that occurs in the genre of websites.

Mentioned below are some exciting trends to watch out for, which surely will revolutionize the website development area and the way we think.

  • Bots

With businesses going global and following the 24×7 rule, it’s becoming increasingly demanding to provide constant support to clients. Also providing that through humans is both costlier and sometimes inconvenient. Hence, enter BOTS, an automated immediate support to help the clients and deal with enquiries. The implantation of BOTS increased brand loyalty and client expectation helping companies to keep pace with the global competition.


  • Accelerate mobile pages (AMP)

This was a significant step in Google’s stride as they updated its technology and introduced accelerated mobile pages which reduces the net response time of the web page loading speed thus giving a seamless experience to the client and also improved the Search engine ranking for the company. After all, A happy client leads to a happy company.


  • Progressive Web apps:

Progressive web apps are one of the hottest trends of 2019 and will only continue to rise in 2020. PWA is general web applications that can be loaded on mobile phones and look like mobile apps but are actually website pages. This was developed to empower people to use mobile phones as freely as computers or laptops and became an instant hit with the people.


  • Bold and better colours:

Websites have started using bold and colour blocks across all digital platforms that not only helps attract attention but also helps people with disabilities.


With websites leaping so high and so fast, advances in technology are going to get better and with the turn of the year 2020, the new year is surely going to be very exciting for website developers.


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