Marketing is the lifeline of all the businesses- uniformly and universally.  Without marketing, a company has no scope and no means to grow. Of course, you can hire a team of marketers who will take care of all the marketing modes, but with software and technology automated to their work, it seems you will be spending much of the profits in taking care of redundant resources.

But before we understand the extent of marketing and how much automation of it has helped the entire domain, let’s first understand what is the meaning of marketing automation. Marketing automation is the process of using software and technology to automate the channels of efficient marketing like target segmentation, use of management of the campaign and smoothens out the function of execution and managing the marketing tasks in an automated way.

One amazing example of successful marketing automation is Panasonic that increases its sales by more than half with the help of marketing automation and CRM. This kind of revolution is more efficient when it comes to B2B business negotiations. Panasonic brilliantly combined its sales division, marketing domain and customer service call centres and their record systems in an automated layer of sale force, market, quick view etc. which increased its brand visibility and attracted some of the biggest investors.

Today Panasonic has 72 websites and 205 million visits managed by just two individuals. I don’t know, what is more astounding, two people managing complete business domain or the success achieved by it.

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