Web Designs refers to the design of the websites that we see online. With new technologies on the rise, changes in software have enabled professionals to experiment with the websites transforming it into some of the most innovative designs ever seen.

Web design focusses on the user experience aspect rather than the software aspect. Gradually, designs have evolved from static designs to animation and graphics within a very small- time frame.

With technology evolving by leaps and bounds it is very possible for trends to keep changing according to the pace.

Taking a turn into more interesting topics let’s have a look at the most game-changing web design trends in 2019. These trends have gained momentum and need to be watched out in 2020. They are a doorway to immense opportunities and eye-opening innovations.

Biggest Web trends of 2019

  • Mobile-first: In this trend, the process starts with designing the mobile version before designing a desktop version. This trend came into being when smartphones became the game changers against the desktop resulting in maximum browsing through the phone.
  • Asymmetrical layout: A grid is a system that helps you to form a skeleton of design and consists of invisible lines on which the designs can be placed. But in 2017 a brilliant design along the similar lines came out- asymmetrical and broken layout.  This became an instant hit as it gave you the option of creating ‘something different’.
  • Shapes: Natural and streamlined shapes became a huge trend as it allowed us to play with shapes creating the various designs to belong to.
  • Integrated animations: As web technologies are advancing static images and contents are altered into graphic forms or animations to give it a more attractive look. This pulls attention and improves visibility.
  • Chatbots: Chatbots have become an integral part of websites. Initially, it was to make it different and now it’s become more of a convenience. With machine learning and AI, chatbots have become quite a favorite with the people.
  • Simple page websites: Clean, uncluttered and simple websites are not only loved by people but by google too. Those websites which are simple and mess-free with a proper SEO strategy are always chosen by google to display first.

With such great concepts, great trends are set and as the year is closing, these trends have proved that they are not a fad and is not going to disappear with the shift in time and technology. If anything, that might change, it will only transform the designs for the better setting new examples.



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