Technology in mobiles and movies in theatres is something which is always transient. Technology and applications in mobile phones are changing every minute with perceptible changes every year.

With the customer becoming so demanding by the minute the need to deliver the best is the highest. At such, the only way to get through is to keep the surprise element in. This blog will focus on some trends that will be a huge wave in 2020.

  • Artificial intelligence and voice-enabled apps:

With Siri and Alexa taking the market by storm, more and more customers are looking out for similar convenience from a mobile phone. So, come 2020, many companies are planning to implement voice-enabled interactions in mobile increasing the interactive points between clients and mobiles and eliminating the manual effort of typing.

  • 5G technology:

The implementation of 5G technology will be a springboard step towards influencing not only customers but also opening new windows for mobile app developers. This implementation will reduce the dormancy up to 10X faster than the already prevailing technologies. This will, in turn, improve app performance leading to client satisfaction.

  • Cloud-based mobile apps

This will be the ultimate app tapping into the cloud date world with the app being able to store data in clouds instead of just the internal storage giving people access to these apps more than ever. This will boost productivity and development for the mobile app world.

  • Augmented and Virtual reality:

The development in this domain of mobile apps is mainly focussed on the education industry. With the influx of AR/VR, the extent of immersion and engagement of the customers is bound to grow humongous. This technology has already been embraced by the gaming industry to give an out of life experience to game buffs, but with its implementation in Android and iOS technology will surpass all expectations.


With technology supporting humane interactions at such a striking level, mobile trends will become invincible in the app world creating niche markets like never before.

On the same tone, one monumental development as mentioned in my last update has been the embrace of the language Kotlin which has succeeded in becoming the official language for the mobile android developers.

With mobiles becoming the shadows of the society, it’s only a matter of time before this industry overrules every other and it’s only sane that these trends will be the most dominating trends in 2020.


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