This article is a general article on the changing policies favouring women in the Logistics and Supply Chain domain bringing in revolutionary improvements.

Gone are those days, when Supply chain management and handling had a place only for the men. 2019 saw a recorded increase in the involvement of women towards the mid-level and high-level logistical domain carrying out all the functions including certain technical jobs like equipment handlers, truck driver and other such core professionals where the male-dominated anarchy was at the highest.
But the face of India is slowly changing with women empowerment increasing in the field of Supply chain management and logistics increasing to an almost 15% in 2018 from 8% in 2010. Even though there is a long way to go, we have started women setting a mark in this industry too.

So the question here that arises is what changed the scenario of only men being involved in this domain. What caused the degenralization or roles?

Well, first of all, the policies changed proving women to be included in this sector. This happened because of the changing paradigm of a machine which nowadays is so conveniently equipped that the work can be extended to women as well.

Now, more and more companies are looking towards hiring women, because they can multitask better than men. Women, because of their abilities to take care of a household remains unparalleled, many companies using this as a step ahead is hiring women to job heavy lifting job, (Even work with the forklifts).

A great example can be, Mahindra logistics hired five women employee to work with 5 forklifts and plans on hiring more.

And ever since the policies have changed women have begun to participate at corporate level into tasks which were earlier meant only for men. But with preferences changing and new female talented workers being discovered, the perspective is changing gradually making the sky as the limit for women.

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