Seeing is believing, visual marketing doesn’t just sell a product, it sells an experience

  • Rebekah Radice

But what is visual marketing-

Visual marketing is all about expressing the idea of a company in the form of images or pictures. This idea revolves around the fact that visual interpretation is absorbed more than factual representation


Some interesting facts:

  • 80% of the people are more likely to read a content with visuals rather than just content.
  • 40% of times, a promotion with visual content is more likely to get shared globally.
  • It connects with a larger target market and makes memorable impressions.


The brain processes an image in 50 milliseconds and a positive visual promotion can make the desired impact on the target market. However, that doesn’t mean that only visuals help. Visuals projecting too many ideas can make the potential market elusive and confused.


To avoid this, it is important to focus on 3 C’s; Crisp, Clear and Customer centric.



The idea is to showcase and reflect an idea in crisp pictographic mode. The visual content should deliver the message and should not be lengthy or boring



Every advertisment that uses visual marketing, should understand, the shorter anc clear it is, th longer it’s going to stay in the customer’s mind. Idea is to convey a strong message but in a very clear way leaving no room for questions


Customer centric

One of the biggest mistake that companies make while making a visual ad is to not showcase the benefit a customer will get by suing the product and they wait for the customer to enquire before they offer. The concept should be, offer before enquiry.


Nowadays, an unhinged trend is to make something different, something barmy which can connect to the deranged side of a human mind. This ensures a total win- win amongst the sea of advertising and promotion competition giving the company a niche wave to travel.


Question remains, how successful is this approach going to be, provided there are some bizarrely appealing ideas out there and the journey between forming a visual ad and reaching out to people has to be conclusive enough to undermine all other available ideas.


Guess, no idea is ever enough!!

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