After reading the headline, you would really like to know what follows, isn’t it? The headline is intended to entice you, persuading you to read the entire blog, (if not, at least the first few lines before you decide whether you want to stay or leave).

This is exactly what ‘clickbait’ does. AI in another moment of triumph has added another wing to it collection by being able to detect machine fed clickbait and the headlines.

But before we scrabble any further, a tiny ray of light onto, exactly what is clickbait. Whenever the metadata is enticing enough to be able to convince you to click on a link, that is called clickbait. In short, any text baiting you to press that click of the mouse is called clickbait.

It could start in a way that stops your stare right there nudging you to knowing more. It often starts with a sentence like this,

Hold right there !! do you think you know everything about the Archie’s Novel??
(At least I became a victim of clickbait with this sentence)

The question here arises is, why clickbait?

Internet is like an ocean of information, never ending, never repeating. At such when our curiosities are piqued, we often tend to keep clicking on links unmindfully on our quest to know things. Often in this fierce competition, companies lose their internet footfall over other fake information that are much appealing to people (as often as fake things are)

Hence, AI has developed its domain in detecting machine fed clickbait and headlines so that it can save people their time and worth. This is an effort to detect machine fed data which is usually huge and categorizing them as worth or worthless.

But this is not even the real challenge…Real challenge is to feed the machines with algorithms with the variety of clickbaits found online like listicles, clickbaits dressed as questions etc. Finding a sample for all and feeding it off to the machine presents a major speedbump.

But the point to be noted is, the dominion of AI in the crevasses of our daily life, might very soon start defining our minds in an intent to think like an AI machine. But on the brighter side, this is how the rest of us can keep a pace with the ever- evolving technology.




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